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Package UserAgentOverrides.js and UserAgentOverrides.manifest for Thunderbird


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Thunderbird 55.0


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See bug 1351980.  The change needed on the Thunderbird side is adding a couple of lines like this <> to the package manifest.
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Ehsan, thank you for the heads up.

r? to all sub tree reviewers. If m-c merges before we have have all r+, Jörg can land it with r=bustage-fix.
Assignee: nobody → richard.marti
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The patch looks correct to me.  :-)  Thanks for the super fast turn around.
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I think I can handle this super-hard review ;-)
Thanks to Ehsan for notifying us and thanks to Richard as always!
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Thanks for taking care of suite.
Thanks! I'm quite fine in the future just letting one of use handle review like this.
Sorry, I ended up landing a totally different (and hacky) fix for bug 1351980.  :/

You need to do something like the nsBrowserGlue.js hunks here <> for all of the Gecko based applications in comm-central.  Please note that UserAgentOverrides.init() needs to be called after profile-after-changed has been dispatched but before Gecko makes any HTTP requests.

I'd be happy to help answer any questions, please needinfo me.  Sorry for the change of plans.  I couldn't get the proper fix to work.
looking at mailGlue.js and nsSuiteGlue.js and if after profile-after-change it should probably end up in

> case "final-ui-startup":
>   this._onProfileStartup();

But its used much earlier in the _init of nsBrowserGlue.js. Would it be safe here for the comm-central programs too?
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Just seeing that nsSuiteGlue already had this for a long time so it probably needs only to be done for TB.
Not sure if this is needed in Thunderbird but I would put the the getter, init and uninit in mailGlue.js. Would need to check out what the additional suite code does but probably an old and half forgotten enhancement.
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This patch is more needed.
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Not setting review. Not tested yet and not sure if Thunderbrid needs it anyway.
I'm *so* sorry for my delay here.  I have a super long queue these days and I didn't notice that this bug has stuck in there.  My apologies.

Looks like SeaMonkey is already taken care of.  Attachment 8855044 [details] [diff] is needed for Thunderbird.

(Note that the "bustage" without this is that the User-Agent overrides won't work with Thunderbird if it uses them, but if not it won't be noticeable, but it's good practice to make sure the code does the right thing in case in the future someone needs to use it for some specific need.  Specially since this is a feature that is useful for cases where you want to roll out some kind of an emergency fix.  :-)
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OK, thanks Ehsan, let's have it ;-)
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