printPreview does not work with printerName set to "Print Edit PDF" when e10s is disabled




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Steps to reproduce:

This is a follow-on from Bug 1324064 (see comments 19 & 20).

A few weeks ago, I released my add-on Print Edit 17.7 to make it compatible with the fix in Bug 1324064.

Shortly afterwards, I received a problem report from a Print Edit user who had encountered an error message: "The selected printer could not be found".

This happened when the user was trying to preview a web page before printing to PDF.

In this case, with Firefox 52 and later, Print Edit sets the printerName in printSettings to "Print Edit PDF".

Investigation has shown that:

  - if e10s is enabled and printerName is set to "Print Edit PDF", then printPreview succeeds.
  - if e10s is disabled and printerName is set to "Print Edit PDF", then printPreview FAILS!
  - if e10s is disabled and printerName is set to "", then printPreview succeeds.

Note, print to PDF (as opposed to printPreview) always succeeds with printerName set to "Print Edit PDF", whether or not e10s is enabled.

In Print Edit 17.10, I implemented a workaround for this problem with printPreview, by setting printerName to "" if e10s is disabled.

To reproduce this problem:

  - use Firefox 52 or later with e10s disabled
  - install Print Edit 17.7
  - on the Firefox main menu bar, select File > Print Preview
  - tick the "PDF" checkbox on the print preview toolbar
  - the message "The selected printer could not be found" will be displayed

Actual results:

Print preview fails and displays the message: "The selected printer could not be found".

Expected results:

Print preview should succeed.


2 years ago
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Mass wontfix for bugs affecting firefox 52.
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Comment 2

10 months ago
WONTFIX since this is non-e10s only, and non-e10s is no longer supported.
Last Resolved: 10 months ago
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