"aidl ... refusing to generate code from aidl file defining parcelable" building Fennec with newer Android SDKs

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I see messages like the following with the Android O preview SDK:

aidl E 04-01 20:41:45 83156 15474109 aidl.cpp:580] refusing to generate code from aidl file defining parcelable

Looks like the following changeset is relevant: https://android.googlesource.com/platform/system/tools/aidl/+/632801d891bd269badc780ab5f0f08e56e6df10a%5E%21/

We do have 3 AIDL files that are just "package Package; parcelable Class;" -- I don't know why that's necessary or how to achieve it with newer "aidl" compiler versions, but this ticket tracks getting to the bottom of it.

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2 years ago
jchen: I think you're the AIDL expert these days.  It's not easy to test with Android O -- see my hacky work in Bug 1352015, most of which should make it to the tree in the next few weeks -- but can you at least explain what the existing AIDL does, and perhaps hazard a guess at what we should do moving forward?  Thanks!
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Only compile AIDL interfaces (v1)

Looks like we should only compile AIDL interfaces with the aidl tool, but not
parcelables. The current build rules don't distinguish between the two, so the
aidl tool complains when it's fed an AIDL file containing a parcelable. This
patch explicitly lists the AIDL interfaces to be built, so that only those
files are sent to the aidl tool.
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2 years ago
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Only compile AIDL interfaces (v1)

Review of attachment 8854070 [details] [diff] [review]:

If this works for you and is green on try, it works for me!

There are ways to avoid the Makefile.in duplication, but I don't think they're worth pursuing.

Thanks for jumping on this!
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2 years ago
Pushed by nchen@mozilla.com:
Only compile AIDL interfaces; r=nalexander
Last Resolved: 2 years ago
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