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Intermittent w3c-css/submitted/images3/object-position-png-002c.html == w3c-css/submitted/images3/object-position-png-002c.html | image comparison, max difference: 11, number of differing pixels: 388


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firefox-esr52 --- unaffected
firefox54 --- unaffected
firefox55 --- disabled
firefox56 --- fixed


(Reporter: intermittent-bug-filer, Assigned: xidorn)



(Keywords: intermittent-failure, Whiteboard: [stockwell fixed:other])


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Priority: -- → P5
this has really increased in frequency in the last week, primarily on debug e10s.

here is a recent log:

and here is a reftest analyzer:

Given this has been pretty consistent for the last week and a half, we should look into this.

:xidorn, I know you have done a lot of work with stylo related tests, is this something you could look into or make a decision to adjust the manifest?
Flags: needinfo?(xidorn+moz)
Whiteboard: [stockwell needswork]
It looks like some rounding issue happens immediately? I'm not sure what's happening, but it seems like just adding some fuzzy should be enough.

We may hit this for some real site comparison for stylo vs. gecko due to something similiar, though...

Manish, what do you think?
Flags: needinfo?(xidorn+moz) → needinfo?(manishearth)
:xidorn, We 47 failures in the last week + 42 reported the week before, this is consistently failing and we have a needinfo pending for the last 8 days, can you help resolve this?
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Let's just add fuzzy... Given it is failing everywhere other than styloVsGecko, I guess we are not really care about it have the identical result.
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Bug 1352936 - Add fuzzy to the test.
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Add fuzzy to the test. r=manishearth
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