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linux 64 talos is not run on mozilla-beta


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I cannot find linux64 talos results on mozilla-beta, this is a taskcluster only platform.  I suspect this is because we do not have pgo builds for linux on mozilla-beta?

the last linux64 pgo build on mozilla-beta was march 14th:

it appears we run linux-nightly which replaces pgo, but we have no performance data.

if we run linux-nightly, why are we running linux64 opt?

going to mozilla-aurora, I see linux64-pgo and linux64-opt on all pushes, this is redundant and we end up running talos for both opt and pgo.  Historically we have only run talos on pgo (and never had non-pgo tests and talos jobs).

can we remove the duplicated jobs or clarify why we need it?
related, maybe not identical though
I think so, and bug 1344321 .

I think we do need to start running linux64 talos against nightly on beta.
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It looks like we have

    Ubuntu HW 12.04 x64 mozilla-beta nightly talos chromez

as the buildername in the task, and

    Ubuntu HW 12.04 x64 mozilla-beta talos chromez
    Ubuntu HW 12.04 x64 mozilla-beta pgo talos chromez

as the enabled buildbot builder names.

We can either:

- remove the 'nightly' from the task definition buildername, or
- remove the opt+pgo m-b talos builders from buildbot and replace them with nightly m-b talos builders.  We'll probably need to do the same for m-r after next merge day... so m-b or m-r >= fx 53.
:jmaher any preferences with comment 5?
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what would be the easiest, just s/nightly/opt/ or something like that?  avoiding a buildbot change seems the best, but it sounds like there is either a hack for taskcluster, or a hack for taskcluster together with a buildbot change.

I think dropping nightly is probably the best idea.

One concern I have is that historical data is mapped to linux64/pgo; if that is the case, then this new data will post as 'opt' and only have a short history of data inside of perfherder.  It probably isn't that big of a deal, but if we are changing the 'configuration' we are reporting as, I would prefer that we only change it once- so stick with what is already there, or change it to what we will use in the future for 'shippable'.
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This is one way we could fix it.
It's just as easy to s,nightly ,pgo , which would keep the data in the same place for now.
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> talos_patch.diff
> This is one way we could fix it.
> It's just as easy to s,nightly ,pgo , which would keep the data in the same
> place for now.

However, PGO doesn't make sense on some platforms... osx?
correct, only linux/win7/win8; but do we have a nightly build for osx?
(In reply to Joel Maher ( :jmaher) from comment #10)
> correct, only linux/win7/win8; but do we have a nightly build for osx?

We will soon(ish).

Maybe we could standardize on the non-PGO name for shippable builds on release branches?

On integration branches we would have both dep/CI and shippable builds, and we'd either need to keep the non-PGO / PGO talos names, or rename them in the DB.  Or not run talos on dep/CI.

Alternately, we can `s/nightly /pgo /` on all non-osx platforms, and `s/nightly //` on osx.  Standardizing across platforms on any given branch seems nice though.
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bug 1353129 - fix m-b talos.  a=release DONTBUILD

::: taskcluster/taskgraph/transforms/job/
(Diff revision 1)
>          m = re.match(r'\w+-([^/]+)/.*', test['test-platform'])
>          variant = ''
>          if m and
>              variant = + ' '
> +        if variant == 'nightly ':
> +            variant = ''

I'd love a comment here for why, and/or a log line (though it would likely get noisy).

But once you add a comment I'm happy.
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Summary: linux 64 talos is not run on mozilla-beta but run duplicate on mozilla-aurora → linux 64 talos is not run on mozilla-beta
I see talos running for linux64 on beta.
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