Opening a copied link from Widget with opened tab list in PB closes PB tab




2 years ago
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(fxios-v7.0 affected, fxios10.0, fxios-v8.0 affected)


(Whiteboard: [MobileCore])



2 years ago
Steps to reproduce:

1.Open Firefox
2.Go to, long tap on an article and from the displayed context menu choose copy link
3.Switch to PB and open a tab in PB
4.Tap the tab counter
5.From Widget open the copied link
6.Switch to PB

Actual results: is loaded, context menu is displayed and link is copied
3.Tab in PB is displayed
4.Tab is displayed in PB tab list
5.Copied link from Widget is opened in a new tab in normal browsing 
6.Tab in Pb is closed

Expected results:

6.Tab in Pb should not be closed

I was able to reproduce this bug only if the tab in PB is in tab list, if the focus is on the tab, tab remains opened after step 6

Found on iPhone 6, iOS version 10.2.1, Firefox version 8.0(1), buddybuild #2356
I believe that the expected result is incorrect. The private tabs should be closed when leaving PB mode with the ‘Close tabs on exit’ option enabled.

After some investigation found out that:
- If opening a new  normal tab from TW while Firefox was left in tabs tray view with a private tab open, the private tab will be closed. This is correct.
- If opening a new  normal tab from TW while Firefox was left in private browsing mode with a private tab in view, the private tab will not be closed.  This is an issue.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Open a new tab in Private Browsing
2. Open a new normal tab via Today Widget 
3. Switch to Private Browsing

Actual results:
- The tab is not closed although the user has left private browsing

Expected results:
- When the tab should close because the user is leaving private browsing. In this case the expected result from the description is incorrect.

See a video of the issue: 
status-fxios-v7.0: --- → affected
status-fxios-v8.0: --- → affected
tracking-fxios: --- → ?
tracking-fxios: ? → 8.0+
Priority: -- → P3
Whiteboard: [MobileCore]
tracking-fxios: 8.0+ → 9.0
tracking-fxios: 9.0 → 9.1
tracking-fxios: 9.1 → 10.0
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