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Add stepping and resume buttons to the PausedDebuggerOverlay


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Bug 1338582 introduces a new highlighter that displays an overlay on top of the page and a message to users. The aim is to use this when the debugger is paused.

The goal of this follow-up bug is to also implement the buttons as described in bug 1338582 comment 0 and as shown in this screenshot:

See some thoughts about implementation in bug 1338582 comment 5, repeated here for simplicity:

Some ideas about how to implement the step/resume buttons:

We could simply pass a new option to the show method:, {
  threadActor: toolbox.threadClient._actor

Then, in the show method implementation, in the highlighter, we could retrieve the thread actor like so:

let threadActor = this.env._tabActor.conn.getActor(options.threadActor);

Now, using this actor, we could resume: threadActor.onResume(); or do other things.

What I don't know yet is: will the debugger front-end just know that we stepped over/in/out or resumed? We're basically using the threadActor on the server, so not initiating the action from the front-end. So the front-end will need to know that this happened.

There is also a problem: when the script execution is paused, all events are blocked. This is how the debugger works. But that also means that clicking on a resume button that is inside the page (because that's how highlighters work, they are injected in the page) won't work!
This might be solvable with bug 1177346.
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No longer blocks: 1565713
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Duplicate of bug: 1565375
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