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This is the Thunderbird version of bug 1353821. Firefox is getting rid of aurora, and given they will be making various infrastructure adjustments it would probably be smart to do the same for Thunderbird. It will also allow us to focus our testing efforts.

Tasks off the top of my head:
* Update aurora users to beta like in bug 1353825
* Remove aurora builds from buildbot configs and other build code
* Clean up ftp
* Make sure localization dashboard works as expected
* Update websites
* Update various services like dxr, treeherder to remove aurora
Alias: dawn-project-thunderbird
Knew this day would come.  

Not a blocker and not something to be discussed inthis bug, but this change makes it even more important that we have plans and processes that help us keep trunk green as much as possible, because we can't drop untested/unbaked patches on beta just because trunk is burning - which is how we occassiontally out of necessity use aurora.  (try builds might be an emergency choice for testing when trunk is broken, but it can't be the norm)
Fallen, any info on if there will be changes to how merges are done or do we just remove a link in the chain (e.g. c-c -> c-b -> c-r)? (I don't have access to the document linked in bug 1353821 to see the full plan.) Thanks for filing this!
I think the details will be announced tomorrow. The first time around we will probably need to do some changes regarding updates to make sure aurora users end up on the right build, but aside from that I believe it is just removing a link.
Some more comments:

* bug 1353825 comment 1 details the plan for the releng update process. We need to do something similar.
* Some issues were identified on windows regarding the branding. See bug 1354321 and bug 1354325.
* For Firefox, a staged rollout mechanism, similar to what we do today with release, will be used for the first weeks of Beta
  - if we want to do this we need to determine criteria for the rollout
  - this is per
* It makes sense to check the state of nightly on a regular basis, a few weeks before the merge to make sure beta quality does not suffer.

The final announcement for Firefox will be done in the next few days while they prepare documentation. At latest once this is done, we should contact releng to figure out how much they can help us with the process and which parts fall into our area of work. l10n seems to not require a lot of work from us, as mostly we are just a consumer of the hg repo.
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Sorry for those extra changes, I had to restore the text form fields and something went wrong.
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Richard, I noticed Could you prepare a similar patch? At the same time, perhaps fix (bug 1317630). SM just doubled-up the calendar entries.
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Filed bug 1358877 as this one is a meta bug.
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It looks like firefox have been organizing a ton of dev-edition issues. Not clear how soon they are to pulling the trigger.

According to crash-stats we have about 2.5k aurora users. Not many supply email addresses so it didn't do much good to email them to move to beta.
We should just have someone follow up in bug 1366893 and migrate those users over.
I think we're done here?
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