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Not all VCS interactions using mozilla-unified upstream with robustcheckout


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Automation is currently seeing lots of failures like those in

I'm still not sure why the Mercurial operations are failing and I'm committed to getting to the root cause. But I've identified a mitigation.

Currently, some mozharness jobs that perform a Firefox VCS clone aren't using the --upstream feature of robustcheckout. This means that the Mercurial repo in the shared store may initially be populated with e.g. mozilla-release - a repo thousands of changesets behind beta, aurora, central, etc. When the machine processes an e.g. beta job, it has to `hg pull` thousands of changesets for the beta repo. This takes extra time and adds significant load to the server.

--upstream with the mozilla-unified repo causes the initial clone to be seeded with a superset of changesets from all the repos. This means that any subsequent `hg pull` should be minimal. A minimal pull maximizes the changes that it will succeed.

We should add --upstream to all of the jobs and clobber all the builders to force a mozilla-unified clone to be present.
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Bug 1354625 - Use mozilla-unified for upstream for all Firefox builds;
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Bug 1354625 - Use mozilla-unified for single_local try builds upstream;
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Use mozilla-unified for single_local try builds upstream; r=aki
Use mozilla-unified for upstream for all Firefox builds; r=aki
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A spot checked some logs and this seems to have the desired effect! I love paving over problems. That leaves bug 1291926 for me to address the root cause...
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