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Pushing to try with --artifact uses a non-asan build on linux64-asan


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If you do |mach try -p linux64-asan -u <something> --artifact| the build successfully completes, but the tests are run on a non-asan build, thus giving misleading results. Since --artifact is implied by your mozconfig it's very easy to do this by accident.

Ideally this would work as one would expect, but failing that it would be better to ignore the --artifact flag on this platform.
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I think we have the exact same issue with stylo builds in bug 1349180.
Yeah this is happening for stylo builds as well. In general people developing Firefox front end features probably don't care about these build variants but there is potential value for people iterating on test related changes.

In both cases we may be able to just tweak the job selection code in and little else. I'll give that a try quickly.
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See Also: → 1349180
Actually that's not going to work, because the configure bits associated with these options are either skipped or fail when there isn't a compile environment around.
Yeah, I guess the thing to do is to not override the build variant in mozharness if the original build variant isn't a vanilla debug or opt build.
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Bug 1355027 - Don't attempt an artifact build for an asan build with --artifact in try syntax.

Pretty thrilled to see this get used :)
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Don't attempt an artifact build for an asan build with --artifact in try syntax. r=nalexander
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