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10 months ago
This testbed: provides a good test of WebRTC interoperability. It would make sense to run it automatically at a low frequency to ensure that we are not introducing regressions that prevent basic communication between different browsers.

I spent some time with a Taskcluster loaner this morning, and it is possible to run the tests in that environment. I think it makes sense to run these tests as a Tier-3 job whenever changes under e.g. /media/webrtc and /dom/webrtc are committed.

To start with, Linux running Firefox and Chrome would be fine. We can expand to Windows after that is working.

Treeherder isn't really the best interface for viewing these results if we're running the tests infrequently. We'll probably want to write a dashboard that scrapes the results and presents them in a nicer fashion.


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Duplicate of this bug: 1266121
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Roxana has been working on this one.
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3 months ago
I'll finish this up.
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3 months ago
Hi Dan, Here you can find all the details, with example, about the reporting I've done on testbed: Please feel free to comment on the details. Thank you
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