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Phonebook reports west-coast people as being in "GMT-08:00 Pacific Time (Los Angeles)".  This is a field I can't change, so I presume this is from workday(?).

The US is in daylight savings time right now, so US places that observe DST are an hour ahead; Pacific is actually UTC-7, not UTC-8.

The actual impact to people is probably small..  Europe and APAC are usually on DST much of the times the US is, but, not always.  Especially when AU goes forward when the US goes back.

Mostly I'm pointing this out that data I can't control is being presented as a source of truth, when it's not truthful at all.

Alternate consideration: some people work exceptional hours, coming in very early and leaving early afternoon.  And, some people may go visit family many timezones away.  There's no means of indicating any flex there, just the one static field.
This is a bug in the data, which I believe we import from Workday. :jabba, can you confirm and next-hop this needinfo to whoever can fix the bad data on the Workday side?

The bad data, specifically, is the characters "GMT-08:00" in the timezone string. While helpful for narrowing down "where on the planet", it's actually factually incorrect 6 months of the year, and for people in non-DST timezones, this will cause even more problems when they're assumed to be working an hour earlier or later than expected.

Here are several examples of how this can be correctly represented in varying degrees of human readability, without glossing over the essential fact of whether the person *is* or *is not* subject to DST.

"US/Los Angeles"
"GMT-08:00/07:00 Pacific Time"
"GMT-08:00 Pacific Time (-07:00 DST)"
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6 months ago
Redirecting needinfo to Nancy to discuss fixing the timezone format
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6 months ago
Richard Soderberg -
From your description of bad data, are you saying that if we simply change it to "US/Pacific", it will be acceptable by everyone?
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Sure, I imagine that would work. I don't really know what we have to work with at Workday so I hesitate to command a fix. Your judgement is probably best here on whether this is fixable.
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