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Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-TIMEOUT | netwerk/test/httpserver/test/test_host.js | Test timed out


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firefox65 --- fixed
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This test seems to be intermittent because we use hardcoded ports for the HTTP server - mainly 4444. Not sure if the test times out because the port is taken (doesn't seem so from the logs), but given that it's OSX only, it could have the same cause as bug 1481963 comment 2.
Looking into it. It may be that is to blame. But the test is badly written anyway - I'm inclined to disable it on OSX, as I found out in other bugs, sometimes connections to localhost on an unopened port are not rejected, they just time-out :|
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Improve test_host.js and add diagnostic info to figure out where it times out r=kershaw
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This fails a lot for TB as well, I'd love to see it fixed.
The test intermittently fails on OSX. For some reason start(PORT) doesn't always fail when PORT is in use, so we timeout because the handler is never called. I suspect it's because of how SO_REUSEADDR and SO_REUSEPORT are handled on sockets sever-side on OSX. Since httpd is used for unit tests, there is little risk in disabling the test on OSX.
The alternative is to check for a timeout, and in that case switch to another port - which is cumbersome, and not the purpose of the test.
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Wait for http server shutdown and disable test_host.js on OSX r=dragana
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