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String Changes to about:preferences#general


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Firefox 55
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Per Specs:

Remove Colon:

Startup Section:
When Firefox starts
Home Page

Fonts & Colors Section:
Default font

One-Click Search Engines Section:
One-Click Search Engines

Remove Ellipsis:

One-Click Search Engines Section:
Add more search engines

Move to Performance Section:

Browsing Section:
Use hardware acceleration when available
Blocks: 1335907
Hey flod, 

For this bug, as well as bug 1356008, bug 1356009, bug 1356020, and bug 1356021, I'm planning on not changing the string entity names for the string changes that remove the colon, ellipsis, or change capitalization. Is that OK with you? If so, then should we send an email to the l10n mailing list to announce that these minor typographical changes have been made but no verbiage changes were made?

As always, the changes that require changing the verbiage will also get new string IDs.
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Capitalization changes are definitely fine without new IDs.

Removing colons and ellipsis not so much: I expect all locales to follow en-US lead in that, updating without a new string ID will cause visual inconsistencies in everything but en-US, unless localizers carefully match these changes. It's a matter of deciding if that's acceptable.

Sending out a list is going to be helpful only up to a certain point, people will need to see the warning in the first place, then manually search for these strings and update them. Painful and fragile.

My advice would be to update the string ID in these cases, sadly it will cause churn in code, but we don't have a better solution as of today. We've been putting some thoughts on how to avoid this in l20n, but we're still a long way from finding a solution (or having l20n in Firefox).
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Bug 1356006 - Fix inconsistencies with strings in about:preferences#general.
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Fix inconsistencies with strings in about:preferences#general. r=Gijs
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I have seen the previous strings in firefox nightly 55.0a1 (2017-04-12)on Windows 10(64Bit). 

I can verify that the strings has been fixed in latest nightly 55.0a1 .

Build ID 	20170420030346
User Agent 	Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64; rv:55.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/55.0

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