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mozregression --launch not working as expected


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Build ID: 20170323105023

Steps to reproduce:

first try:
  mozregression --launch 545b89141c833cce95e058017d2177e179be4e27

second try:
  mozregression --launch 20161018112120

Actual results:

on first try, mozregression output was:
   0:07.54 INFO: Running mozilla-inbound build built on 2016-10-19 04:28:13.738000, revision 0be815a3
   0:25.79 INFO: application_changeset: 0be815a3f2d5ab6899b8d1cdca940c1bdd4cae70

on second try, mozregression output was:
   0:03.41 ERROR: Unable to find build info for 2016-10-18 11:21:20

Expected results:

on first try, mozregression should get changeset 545, not 0be, as it did.
on second try, it was unable to find the requested build.

But I now that the supplied changeset/build exists, the command immediately before was a mozregression narrowing down a bug, see attachment.

Note: I'm using mozregression 2.3.10, downloaded/installed around 2 days ago, on a (relatively) fresh mac osx (10.12.4) installation. Likewise, pip/virtualenv was download/installed 2 days ago.

PS.: somehow, is bug 1334853 related?

PPS.: don't know really what version number to put...
Summary: mozregression --launch not working → mozregression --launch not working as expected
Priority: -- → P3
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