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Win7 reftest-gpu-e10s not being scheduled on Taskcluster


(Firefox Build System :: Task Configuration, task)

Windows 7
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This is a Win7-only job that tests the GPU process being force-enabled even when hwaccel is disabled (see bug 1313499 for more info). I suspect I can manage adding this job myself, so tentatively assigning to me for now :)
I'm not going to have time to work on it. Rob, do you have cycles to take this? This a parity issue for TC vs. BB.
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i don't really know much about how to proceed with this, and i don't have the cycles to walk this through review and handle whatever problems it causes, but this is what one blind man holding some part of an elephant would do:

maybe someone who's holding some other part of the elephant can pick it up and run with it using the diff above as a starting point.
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grenade informs me this problem has the same symptoms as bug 1366288. The test crashes the machine.

From the log:
03:48:45     INFO -  Could not get design metrics.
03:48:45     INFO -  z:/build/build/src/gfx/skia/skia/src/ports/SkScalerContext_win_dw.cpp(427) : error 0x80070057: The parameter is incorrect.
Looks good, thanks for jumping on this. Can we please make sure this gets chunked the same as other Windows reftest suites?
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Bug 1356240: Run win7 reftest-gpu jobs on TC
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Run win7 reftest-gpu jobs on TC r=RyanVM
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