Ctrl-0 is not working when zoom.minPercent is higher than default zoom (100%)




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Steps to reproduce:

I increased the zoom level by using ctrl-shift-+ and the zoom level increased. I used ctrl-0 to attempt to reset it.

Actual results:

Nothing. It remained increased.

Expected results:

It should reset to the default zoom level.

In addition I noted that in about:config there is a minimum zoom level which appears to have no affect at all until I increase zoom level using ctrl-shift-+
OK try this:

In about:config set the minimum zoom level to 170. Then exit firefox and restart it. Go to a web page zoom in so the zoom level is higher than 170, for example up to the maximum 300. (The zoom will jump from 30 to 170, then go up from there).

Now press ctrl-0 and nothing happens. It should return to 170.

I have done this with a new profile.
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I guess it's because the default zoom (def) level is "hardcoded" at 100%, so when min > def, Ctrl+0 should back to min, but that's not the case because min has not been set has new def. As def is not reachable because def < min, Ctrl+0 doesn't work.
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Summary: ctrl-0 is not working → Ctrl-0 is not working when zoom.minPercent is higher than default zoom (100%)
I just tried it on firefox 38.8 esr and it was doing the same thing. Maybe it has always been like this. Seamonkey is different.
Yes, I think it has been always like that.

I have the same problem FF 60. Multiple fresh profiles tested.

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