CRM/Email Marketing Request: Operation Segmentation



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>> Mozilla Team/Department
Developer Marketing
>> What kind of relationships are you looking to develop?
Consensual ones.
>> How will you nurture these relationships?
We are going to use people's behavior to better figure out how often they want to hear from us, thereby building goodwill among our subscribers.
>> Do you currently have a way to solve for this?
We do not.
>> What are the pain points in the current process?
Our open rate is ok, but I think the fact that 75% - 80% of our subscribers aren't opening every email means that maybe we could email the less active ones less frequently.
>> What are the perceived benefits to changing the process?
Better open rate among people who want to hear from us, fewer unsubscribes, higher overall CTR, better list hygiene.
>> How large is the data set?
150,000 (give or take 1,000)
>> How many people on your team need access or training?
One: me, assembler of words and pixel cowgirl.
>> How will success be measured?
Higher open and CTR.
>> What is the risk to not doing this?
Nuclear war with....
no. Really, nothing.
I mean, we might not hit our OKR of >25% open rate. But then again, we might if I get better at writing subject lines.
>> What's the timeline for launch?
ASAP, as usual. I know you have higher priorities, but if Anthony can just walk me through it or create a segment of "opened one of the last 10 campaigns," we would be good to go.

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a year ago
Thanks for filing the bug, Danielle!

I just added you to today's intake meeting. If you can't make it this week (I know it's still early am there) - don't worry. I can add you to next week's and we'll go from there.


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a year ago
Emailed Ben + Team Email to talk Audience Segmentation plan. Put story on backlog for consideration to get you set up! :D

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a year ago
Audience Segmentation blueprint is here:

LCM needs to:
1) set this up for the Dev Marketing News program 
2) train Danielle on where to find & how to use it

We've got a full sprint this sprint. It's in the "New Stories" spreadsheet for consideration for next sprint (Q2, Sprint 3):

Danielle, we'll keep you posted when it's been prioritized.

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