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Implement support for implicit values for aria-value* attributes for spinbutton role




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5 months ago
15 days ago


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5 months ago
In ARIA 1.1, aria-valuemin, aria-valuenow, and aria-valuemax were given default implicit values for spinbutton. (Sort of.) The spec now states:

* aria-valuemin is "there is no minimum value"
* aria-valuemax is "there is no maximum value"
* aria-valuenow is 0

Suggestion: At least in the case of ATK/AT-SPI2 ATs, one expects to be able to obtain a numeric minimum and maximum value. And in the case of spinbuttons which result from rendering input type="number", there are constraints. Therefore, you could expose the values used to constrain input type="number".

1. Load data:text/html,<div tabindex="0" role="spinbutton" />
2. Use Accerciser to examine the element

Expected result: The accessible value interface would report a minimum of (some really large negative number, see above suggestion), a maximum of (some really large positive number, see above suggestion), and a current value of 0.

Actual result: All values are 0.

Note: All values are 0 if you use Accerciser's interface viewer. If you instead use its ipython console, the current and maximum values are 0; however, an error is returned when calling Atspi.Value.get_minimum_value(acc). Because this error does not occur when the steps are performed using WebKitGtk, I don't believe this is an AT-SPI2 bug.
This is something we should triage and fix but isn't among our most urgent bugs.(Contributions welcome as always!)
Priority: -- → P3
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