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Implement support for implicit value for aria-level on heading role


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In ARIA 1.1, the implicit value for aria-level on a heading is "2". See

Steps to reproduce:
1. Load data:text/html,<div role="heading">foo</div>
2. Use Accerciser to examine the element

Expected result: "level:2" would be found in the accessible object attributes.

Actual result: "level:2" is not found in the accessible object attributes.
This is something we should triage and fix but isn't among our most urgent bugs.(Contributions welcome as always!)
Priority: -- → P3
Mentor: jteh
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Thoughts on fixing this:

  1. The code should probably go here, just before we call GetDefaultLevel:
  2. We only want to do this if we're dealing with an ARIA role="heading". Get the ARIA role map entry and check if it's a heading. Example:
  3. If so, return the implicit value: 2.
  4. Add a test, similar to those for HTML headings (but based on the test in comment 0):
Type: defect → task

Currently taking a look at this!

I've uploaded a PR, im still unsure how exactly to test so some pointers would be fantastic

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Thanks for working on this! I'll add some comments to the patch, but here are some more precise steps to reproduce:

  1. Paste this URL into the address bar and press enter:
    data:text/html,<div role="heading">foo</div>
  2. Right click on "foo" and choose "Inspect Accessibility Properties".
  3. In the properties tree, expand the "attributes".
    • Expected: There should be a level: "2" attribute.
    • Actual: There is no level attribute.
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I made the changes, but somehow I am still not passing the test -- am I missing something?

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Ug. Turns out I was incorrect about where to place this code. Sorry. :( I'll comment on the patch.

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change implicit val for aria-level on a heading to 2 r=Jamie
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