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[Meta]Tracking bug for talos quantum pageload test development


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Talos pageload test development for Quantum, which includes:

- install web-page-replay
- capture top 5 sites (to start)
- modify talos so it can use web-page-replay
- use the new marker i.e. 'time to first nonblank paint'
- ensure data is valid
- deploy to all OS and machines (we'll be starting with Windows)
Depends on: 1357382
Depends on: 1359127
We're going to try mitmproxy.
We're having difficulties setting up web-page-replay.
Specially worrysome is the issue when the DNS gets into a bad state.
We're probably doing few things wrong (even before trying to use Firefox against it) and the support around this tool is very limited.

mitmproxy seems more widely used and well supported. Let's see what comes out of evaluating it.
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Depends on: 1362019
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Alias: PageLoad_TP6
Summary: Tracking bug for talos quantum pageload test development → [Meta]Tracking bug for talos quantum pageload test development
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I believe we can close this bug, rwood any concerns?
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Yes, I agree!
Closed: 3 years ago
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