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Huge Website / bad website is making firefox unusable


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Steps to reproduce:


i am developing some php application.

sometimes if there is a problem with the application it creating a huge result/website.

then firefox cannot handle that and will consume all memory until you close with task manger

Actual results:

just try to create e.g. a php script with

<?php do { echo "HELLO WORLD<br>\n"; } while(1); ?>

then open with firefox,
you will get a lot of hello world, but soon firefox is unusable.

Expected results:

maybe a message like firefix is already when i javascript is consuming a lot cpu/memory

stop website: yes/no ?
Component: Untriaged → Memory Allocator
Keywords: csectype-dos, dupeme
Product: Firefox → Core

Moving this bug report about memory usage (which is not related to the memory allocator) to Untriaged.

Component: Memory Allocator → Untriaged
Product: Core → Firefox
Closed: 2 years ago
Keywords: dupeme
Resolution: --- → DUPLICATE
Duplicate of bug: 1164189

Why was this duped? Seems like comment 0 definitely creates more than one line, it's just an infinite page.

Ever confirmed: true
Resolution: DUPLICATE → ---

Hi Johannes Feigl,
Try updating the Firefox version to the latest and try again to see if the issue persist. If the issue persist, please try to reproduce it on Nightly, you can download it from here
Lastly, could you provide a test case for this please?


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hello Luciana,

well i don't see any change at the moment with the nightly version.

i use this php script for test:

for ($i = 0; $i <1000; $i++) {
usleep (100000);
for ($j = 0; $j <100; $j++) {
echo "test $i $j <br>";

of course this is not a site which makes since, but sometimes i get a very big table, which is cousing troubles...

mfg johannes

Flags: needinfo?(johannes.feigl)

Hi Johannes Feigl ,

Thanks for your feedback, will set the product (Core) and component (layout) for this issue. There's a new Nightly version to download if you would like to try on the new one, here is the link
Also, would you please share a link with an example test case so is quicker and easier to replicate this issue?


Component: Untriaged → Layout
Flags: needinfo?(johannes.feigl)
Product: Firefox → Core
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