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Tracking changes in the translation text field


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Rather than contact fellow localizers about changes they need to make to a translation, reviewers often make changes themselves and don't notify the translator. To support that inclination + the need to provide translators with feedback, changes should be tracked and compiled into a report delivered to translators on a regular basis (e.g., all changes made by reviewers per day as a report accessed through notifications or viewed in email). If changes are tracked, they can then be attributed to an alternate user through an alternate action that is enabled when Pontoon detects that a translation has been changed (e.g., 'Suggest/Submit' button changes to 'Submit edits' or something like that when Pontoon detects that a text field with translated content is activated and changed (maybe through edit distance metric?)).
See Also: → 1203265
Priority: -- → P3
Can we split out the UX flow of "review this string with edits" from the reporting UX?

I think that "review this string" is likely at least "take suggestion" and "set the reviewed state to true". We'll need to hash the details out, that conversation is scheduled for mid-May, right?
Yes, let's use the May conversations as an opportunity to figure out the details of this.
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