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Steps to reproduce:

1. I used basic HTML formatting in my reply, only attached 3 simple images from a local disk for all the replies as a template. 
2. Coding: UTF-8, HMTL, sending through SMTP/POP3 secured mail server. Mail is not encrypted.
3. I don't think it is some spam issue. All my replies before bug and after were received without problems.
4. I am using one add-on that may affect formatting/content of my reply: Quote Colors 0.3 (version issued 2012-05-21) by Malte Rucker.
5. It affected 32-bit releases, v. 52.0.1 but it could also be the previous release in 52 branch, installed on Windows 8.1 64bit

Actual results:

Some of my recipients got blank replies (no content, only topic).
For over 100 replies it were 3-5 blank mails. Sometimes it was only first reply sometimes second or third in thread.
My recipients that encountered blank mails are using different mail programs: GMail for smartphones, GMail web version and MS Outlook 15.

I checked sent mails in my Sent folder, the source is properly displayed (headers and content)

Expected results:

The content of my reply should be visible for recipient, even partially.
Can you get some of the broken messages from the recipients and attach them here.

Usually what is in the Sent folder got sent out.

Comment 2

a year ago
(In reply to Jorg K (GMT+2) from comment #1)
> Can you get some of the broken messages from the recipients and attach them
> here.

OK, but will it be seen by any user of Bugzilla? Those messages are pretty long, with confidential content, so hashing whole text can remove cause of the bug...

PS I opened those EML files saved by my recipient and they were properly viewed in my Thunderbird.
Yes, anything you attach here is publicly visible. If the .eml files show correctly in your TB, they won't help me either to find out what's going on at the recipient's end. What are they using to view the messages?

Comment 4

a year ago
Yes, EML files were properly shown in TB. I also checked in some online viewers to eliminate some local errors on my Windows workstation. They used GMail for smartphones, GMail web version and MS Outlook 15. No one used TB.
Well, send me a message that the recipient claims they cannot display as an attachment in a private message and I'll check whether I can see anything suspicious. Otherwise I'd need an airline ticket to visit one of the recipients ;-)
jorg, did you get the test messages you require?

Comment 8

11 months ago
you need to send a testcase to jorg
Last Resolved: 11 months ago
Keywords: testcase-wanted
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