Master password and saved password were lost after upgrading to FF53.0




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(Reporter: Ken, Unassigned)


Firefox 53
Windows 7

Firefox Tracking Flags

(firefox55 affected)




a year ago
After Firefox 64 updated to v53.0 two of my profiles didn't show as having a master password nor saved passwords. Running "Refresh Firefox" under "Troubleshooting Information" did resolve the issue. However, I'm not sure that a typical Firefox user would figure out to use this to repair Firefox's built in password manager.

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a year ago
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I use multiple profiles for different purposes. Two, which had master passwords lost their master password magic and had to be fixed using "Refresh Firefox" under "Troubleshooting Information" as mentioned above. When this was done, both profiles lost other preferences (like whether FF starts on home page or with last tabs) and lost all their extensions.

Two other profiles, which have saved passwords, but not master passwords (logins I just don't care about), were okay.

Whatever the glitch is, it just seems to be related to the master password and isn't really a data loss, but instead FF losing its master password magic.

All profiles are many years old (with one of them probably being at least 10-15 years old), so they've all seen many versions of Firefox. I've been using Firefox since when it was called Phoenix and I don't recall the password manager ever becoming screwed up in this manner.
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