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Add a simple chrome:// icon viewer that can provide context paint




5 months ago
5 months ago


(Reporter: jwatt, Unassigned)


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Right now, SVG icons that use context-fill/context-stroke can't be viewed directly via a browser window using their chrome:// URLs - see bug 1352258. Even once that bug fixed, they will only display with black fill since no context or context paint exists for them when loaded in a top-level window.

It would be useful to have a chrome page bundled with [debug] Firefox that can be used to view these files for testing purposes. As I imagine it the page would be some simple HTML page with a layout something like:

  Icon Viewer

  Chrome URL: |text field|
  Context fill: |text field|
  Context stroke: |text field|

  |icon displayed here|

The text fields would update the 'src' and 'fill'/'stroke' properties for the <img> onchange.

Comment 1

5 months ago
Could we just use a contrasting default context-fill/context-stroke on the image source in ImageDocuments to start with? That would allow at least viewing the image without investing in creating a separate page.
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