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[css-grid] fit-content unexpectedly reserves space for full clamp size in repeat()


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Steps to reproduce:

Created grid layout using the following CSS:

#container {
  display: grid;
  grid-template-columns: repeat(auto-fit, fit-content(400px));

and the following HTML:
<div id="container">
  <div>Text A</div>
  <div>Text B</div>
  <div>Text C</div>
  <div>Text D</div>

Actual results:

Once the container is sized below 1600px, the grid items start flowing into subsequent rows.

Expected results:

Since each container's content is well below the clamp size of 400px, I expected all grid items to remain on the same row until the container was sized below total actual size of all items. (In my case, it was approximately 172px wide.)
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According to the CSS Grid spec, grid-template-columns: repeat(auto-fit, fit-content(400px))
is actually invalid, because <fixed-size> doesn't include fit-content():
"repeat( [ auto-fill | auto-fit ] , [ <line-names>? <fixed-size> ]+ <line-names>? )"
"<fixed-size> = <fixed-breadth> | 
                minmax( <fixed-breadth> , <track-breadth> ) | 
                minmax( <inflexible-breadth> , <fixed-breadth> )"

It looks like Chrome (correctly) rejects this declaration as invalid.

IIRC, we implemented fit-content() (in bug 1281320) before the spec had a clear definition of
what sizes were allowed in an auto-repeat track size, so currently we interpret 400px as
a "definite track max size" and use that to calculate how many tracks to create.
This is probably not a very useful behavior, so I'll just fix this by rejecting
these values.  But feel free to open a spec issue at
if you want to argue for a spec change (please put [css-grid] first in the title).
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Summary: fit-content unexpectedly reserves space for full clamp size in repeat() → [css-grid] fit-content unexpectedly reserves space for full clamp size in repeat()
Actually, after re-reading bug 1281320 and its patch, I think this is just a case that
we missed to reject somehow.  My bad.  Anyway, it's a pretty simple fix...
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[css-grid] Disallow fit-content() in repeat(auto-fill/fit) track sizes (per the CSS Grid spec).  r=dholbert
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