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Re-evaluate the PDF printing code in nsDeviceContextSpecX before shipping


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The part 8 patch from bug 1309272 contains a couple of XXX comments in the nsDeviceContextSpecX code:

That code seems to work fine, but before we ship this code I'd like to revisit whether this is the most appropriate way to do things. Specifically I wonder if there is some more direct API we can use rather than invoking another App. Markus was going to take a look at the time but was busy with other things.
Priority: -- → P3
One difference I have noticed when choosing Open in Preview to open in Apple's Preview app is that currently preview opens with a bar at the bottom with a Print and a Cancel button. The way that we open Preview when print.print_via_pdf_encoder=skia-pdf opens it without that bar. Probably not a blocker for shipping, but something worth noting.
Markus, could I have your thoughts on that code? It seems to work...but maybe you know of reasons not to do it this way?
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