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FileReaderSync should be able to read from a nsIAsyncInputStream


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Currently FileReaderSync wants a sync nsIInputStream.
It's not able to deal with the new IPCBlobInputStream.
Right now this is executed on the current thread. This is not compatible with the use of IPCBlobInputStream in sync event loop in workers.
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part 2 - tests

>+let workerUrl = URL.createObjectURL(new Blob(["(", workerScript.toSource(), ")()"]));
>+let worker = new Worker(workerUrl);
>+worker.onmessage = event => {
>+  ok(, "The file has been read");
I would prefer if this tested that the expected data was actually read.

Could you for example read the data asynchronously in the main thread and then compare that the _exactly_ same
data is read synchronously in worker as is asynchronously in main thread. 

With that, r+
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And please ensure that there are also tests for memory blob reading with workers!
That too is required for the r+.
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IPCBlobInputStream should execute StreamReady() in the target thread of AsyncWait, r=smaug
FileReaderSync should support nsIAsyncInputStream, r=smaug
Tests for FileReaderSync and IPCBlobInputStream, r=smaug
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