Search engine favicon flicker/blinks/flashes after pressing "Show search suggestions" option in "Search" settings




2 years ago
2 months ago


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(fennec+, firefox-esr52 unaffected, firefox-esr60 wontfix, firefox53 unaffected, firefox54 wontfix, firefox55- wontfix, firefox56- wontfix, firefox60 wontfix, firefox61 wontfix, firefox62 wontfix, firefox63 wontfix, firefox64 wontfix, firefox65 fix-optional, firefox66 wontfix, firefox67 affected, firefox68 affected)




2 years ago
Device: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (Android 5.0.1);
Build: Nightly 55.0a1 (2017-04-23);

Steps to reproduce:
1. Launch Fennec and go to Menu -> Settings -> Search;
2. Turn on/off Show Search suggestions 3-4 times;
3. Observe the search engines.

Expected results:
There is a visible flicker when "show search suggestions" are enabled/disabled.

Actual result:
Enabled/disabled of "show search suggestions" doesn't affect the installed search engines.


Regression window:
Last good build: 03-02
First bad build: 03-03

tracking-fennec: --- → ?
tracking-fennec: ? → 55+
Priority: -- → P2
Since this is 55+ for fennec, marking fix-optional for 54.
editing flags due to Bug 1370184
tracking-fennec: 55+ → +
Wesley, I'm a bit hesitant to track this for 55 given this has been filed 2 months ago and there doesn't seem to be much progress yet.  Is this still on track for a fix in early beta55?
Flags: needinfo?(whuang)
I'll track this for 56 for now. The effect sounds minor. If we get a patch we could still uplift to 55.
Very likely the team won't have bandwidth to make it in 55. 
56 is more practical.
Flags: needinfo?(whuang)
Looking at this again it seems like a fairly minor regression and I don't think release management needs to track it - we can leave it to the Fennec team to fix when they have time.
[triage] Bulk edit from title: this is a non-critical issue. Please remove priority if you wish this to be re-triaged.
Priority: P2 → P3
Has Regression Range: --- → yes
Has STR: --- → yes
Summary: Search engines flicker when search suggestions are turn on/off → Search engine favicon flicker/blinks/flashes after pressing "Show search suggestions" option in "Search" settings

Comment 9

8 months ago
Reproducible in the latest version of NIghtly 65.0a1 (2018-10-25) with OnePlus 5T (Android 8.1.0).
Marking fix-optional for 64. We could still take a patch for 65, and if it's verified and doesn't seem risky, could still take fixes for 64 as well.
Happy to take a patch in nightly; if it seems low risk enough please feel free to request uplift to 65 beta.

Removing regression keyword since it has been around for many releases.

Keywords: regression
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