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CRM/Email Marketing Request: Beginner's Mind: The journey to help people start on a journey: Beginner's Mind: The journey to help people start on a journey



2 years ago
2 years ago


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2 years ago
>> Mozilla Team/Department
Developer Marketing
>> What kind of relationships are you looking to develop?
We want to build relationships with beginning web developers so we can help them become intermediate web developers.
>> How will you nurture these relationships?
We will send them a few emails every week with helpful tips and tutorials
>> Do you currently have a way to solve for this?
Nope. I guess technically I could individually write everyone, but that would be literally insane.
>> What are the pain points in the current process?
It doesn't exist.
>> What are the perceived benefits to changing the process?
Building a relationship with beginning web developers, getting them familiar with the MDN docs, and helping them grow their web development skills.
>> How large is the data set?
>> How many people on your team need access or training?
Army of one: me.
>> How will success be measured?
Probably starting the program at all could be considered a success, but I'd like to see 100 people a month get into the program.
>> What is the risk to not doing this?
Beginning web developers will feel alienated when they start getting highly technical developer newsletters without any handholding.
>> What's the timeline for launch?
Sometime in the future. No strict deadlines.
>> Any other info we should know?
The naked mole rat can not only survive on 5% oxygen, it even exhibits socialization and normal activity. This is because it has adapted to live in underground tunnels, where oxygen is scarce.

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2 years ago
Yo, yo yo! Thanks for filing the bug! This sounds like a great project. 

I've invited you to the next LCM intake mtg, Monday, 9am PT in Michele's room. Come on in & we'll talk more about this idea and next steps.



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2 years ago
Thanks for coming to today's mtg, Danielle!

Notes are here:

Your next steps (next sprint):
1) make flow chart of entry points & email flow
 - start thinking about content and journey map (behavior based, all of them, etc.)
 - If they signup for Dev News & click this option, they get 2 welcomes or 1?
2) draft content (personalize coming from Chris Mills?)

We'll work behind the scenes on the interests pieces to make the journey work.

Then we'll regroup in another sprint to see where we're both at and go from there.

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