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Create production test entries for dynamic STS and PKP preloads

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11 months ago
11 months ago


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11 months ago
It would be useful to have something akin to pinning-test.badssl.com or the old pinningtest.appspot.com that allows us to test production data relating to the dynamic preload mechanisms for STS and PKP.

For each of these, we'd need a real (mozilla) FQDN pointing to an actual host. In the STS case, this should have some configuration disallowed by HSTS (e.g. no TLS or a bad certificate). In the PKP case, there should be a good certificate chain.

The STS preload entry should just enable STS for the STS host (including sub-domains is not necessary).

The PKP preload entry should have an incorrect pinset for the chain served by the PKP test host.
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