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Persist inspector sidebar accordion's states


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There are 2 accordions in the inspector's sidebars: one in the computed tab, to hide/show the box-model, and one in the layout tab, to hide/show the box-model and the grid panel.

It would be great if these could persist their states, so you wouldn't have to constantly close the ones you don't care about.
See Jen's feedback about this in bug 1345300 comment 6.
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Bug 1359763 - Persist the box model and grid panel's accordion states.

I tested this locally, works like a charm!
I honestly have nothing to say about the code changes here. If try is green, then I'm happy too.

Any thoughts about the following use case though: should the box model in the layout view be collapsed by default if there's a grid on the page?
I can see 2 problems with it: if we already persisted a state, not restoring it in this case would break the expectations. And All other accordions in the app are opened by default (I think).
Of course the idea behind doing something like is that if there's a grid and people are switching to the layout panel for the first time, and they have a rather tiny toolbox, they won't even see the grid section at all. 
Another approach: make the grid section first, and box model section second. Simple, but effective. Knowing that the box model is already in the computed view, maybe we can afford to do this.
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Persist the box model and grid panel's accordion states. r=pbro
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Because I have ideas that may become new actions to take, I opened a new ticket with my thoughts here:
Depends on: 1369918
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