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Correspondents column (or other resizable column) erratically has fixed width (not resizable)


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Steps to reproduce:

create new folder

Actual results:

correspondents column has fixed width

Expected results:

column should be resizable
This works here. Can you try with add-ons disabled (see Help menu)?
Interesting. Let's do some experiments.

It is independend of addons.

It happens only in certain folders, and so far only if the corespondents column is followed by the received columm, but that may be a coincidence.

The problem goes away when I drag one column to another place, and then back. It then does not happen anymore in that folder. Even if I recreate the original order of columns, and then again add the correspondents column. 

I can copy the bug to another column, by using the pulldown menu and transfering the column settings to it. It also happens in new subfolders.

This appears to be something special in the way the column order of certain folders is stored in my profile. Maybe just wait if several others also see it. If not, feel free to mark it as "worksforme", because I now know how to handle it.
I have just seen this on all folders of an email address for which I have both POP and IMAP account in TB: Correspondents column is not resizable, all other columns are. Safe Mode does not make the problem go away -> Confirming. I believe that I've never touched the folder layout, but I'm not sure.
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Do you still see this?

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(In reply to Wayne Mery (:wsmwk) from comment #4)

Do you still see this?

Yes. I'm failing to figure out a 100% reproducible pattern, maybe this involves speed or some other factors which I don't realize. But it fails for me every other time when you move it back and forth and resize in between. It's not limited to correspondents column. If you let the non-resizable column rest for some time, then try again, it may very well work.

Here's a pattern with the highest perceived success rates in my tests:

87.0a1 (2021-01-29) (64-bit)

  • Restore default pattern
  • Drag Correspondents column to become right-most colum.
  • Drag right side of correspondents column header and try to resize back and forth (this seems to do the wrong thing reliably, working in reverse direction).
  • Then drag the correspondents column leftwards a bit fast, but not into its original position. Proceed with next step fast.
  • Try to resize correspondents column quickly after previous step --> More often than not, it won't resize (this bug). Try again some seconds later, and it may or may not work. Letting go of mouse is required. Maybe an async time thing - perhaps visible in code.
Flags: needinfo?(bugzilla2007)

We could close this wontfix as it happens so erratically, as long as we're not getting more complaints.

Severity: normal → S4
Summary: Correspondents column has fixed width, is not resizable → Correspondents column (or other resizable column) erratically has fixed width (not resizable)

I also still see it. Just added the column in my main inbox folder and tried to resize it. The cursor does not change to the two arrows when it is on the right border of the correspondents column. It does on all other columns.

Blocks: 1268702
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