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Match standard for colSpan/rowSpan


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After a disproportionately large amount of discussion, testing, and negotiating, HTML finally standardizes proper behavior of colSpan and rowSpan:

We should match the spec.  The main thing is that getting the .rowSpan and .colSpan IDL properties will now return the actual clamped value that we use, which is nice.  There might be other small changes as well, to be documented in the commit message.
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Note: this is my last day of work for a few months, so I might not be able to make any fixes to get the patch landed.  If someone else wants to take it over, please do.
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Bug 1359822 - Match standard for colSpan/rowSpan

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Unfortunately, I don't have a development environment set up right now.  Are you by any chance able to resolve the merge conflict and land this, or find someone who can?  If not, I'll land it when I get back on August 2 or so.
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Match standard for colSpan/rowSpan, r=mystor
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