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Make "rerun chunk with test X" as close to a one-click operation as possible


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Right now, for bisecting intermittent failures, workflow is something like this:

1) given test X in suite Y and cset A, load all the log files for any suite Y jobs in new tabs
2) one by one, use find in page to look for test X in those log files
3) once found, look for which chunk / exact job this was
4) go back to treeherder and retrigger the relevant job

All of these steps are automatable. It would be nice if they were indeed automated so that humans don't have to waste time and bandwidth and RAM/tabs doing this.
Component: Treeherder → Treeherder: Job Triggering & Cancellation
Hi! I agree this would be useful, but this likely involves multiple systems / external new tools, so isn't something that's actionable by the Treeherder team at the moment.
Component: Treeherder: Job Triggering & Cancellation → General
Product: Tree Management → Testing
Version: --- → unspecified
Joel (and I) are investigating the possibility of using test-verify to run a named test on a range of pushes. That's in early stages still, but might fulfill the needs here.
Priority: -- → P3
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