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Reply does not put send To: address in the To:



2 years ago
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Steps to reproduce:

When I click on Reply to an email, the email address of the person I am replying to does not appear in the To: field of the email

Actual results:

When I upgraded to 52.0.1, this started happening.  I downloaded a previous version and installed it and it worked OK then upgraded to 52.0.1 and again, the Reply is broken.  Maybe a addon is messing things up.  It appears that the "Display Contact Photo" addon is the culprit.  I'll post this to help someone else.

Expected results:

I should see the email address of the person I and emailing in the To: field of the email compose window.
Hello all,

I've the same issue on Thunderbird 52.0.1 32bit and have used the Addon "Display Contact Photo" too.

After reading this info above from Joe, I disabled this addon and Thunderbird works as it should. 


Comment 2

a year ago
I have seen this for the same period of time (The subject field is blank as well). 
I have backed up to 45.8.0 and all is well.
FWIW, I don't have te "Display Contact Photo" addon.

Comment 3

a year ago
Same result with Thunderbird 52.1.1 on Linux. Reply does not fill to-address-field but puts the focus in the empty to-address-field.

Same with "reply to all": no address is filled into to or cc.

Comment 4

a year ago
Same with Thunderbird 52.2.1 on Debian Jessie.
I had to disable "Display Contact Photo" and restart tbird.
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