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move "Back" to top of context menu


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It used to be that "Back" was always the first item on
the right-button context menu.  Now sometimes it's the
first, sometimes the third, sometimes the fifth.

Spatial memory is *good*.  Please let me use it.

I had gotten used to using the context menu to go back,
since it means I don't have to move the mouse as far;
but now half the time I end up getting "open frame in
new window", which is very unlike "Back" indeed.

I think the set of items on the context menu should never
change: they should just be grayed out when inapplicable,
like items on the menubar.

However, at the very least, common ones like back and
forward should always appear in the same spot.
Hm. I tried, but I couldn't find a menu where Back is present but not at the top...
Could you please tell me one?
oh yeah, if you still see items like "Prefill Form", they shouldn't be there -
delete the chrome/ directory and reinstall Mozilla.
The only place I found in my random clicking where Back was not first is when 
you right click on a link... it's 3rd then. I think the first two options make 
sense on top in that instance.

This is already way ahead of Internet Explorer 6.. which doesn't even give you 
Back if your right click on an image or link.
another thing - which version of mozilla are you running? If 0.9.9, context
menus were completely redesigned a few days ago, so this has probably changed.

I get no "Back" item when right-clicking a link...
Oops, just found a page that uses frames, which it appears is what jwz was
referring to at first. I'm split on the first two options being above Back (see
previous comment).

The idea about moving those two options on frames/links lower and greying them
out in the rest of cases is a good one, but I can see one getting used to having
those two options on top for links. I use middle click out of habit these days,
so I can't really offer an opinion on this.

I'm using a build from Apr-02. I'll have to update and try again.
Neither the link nor image context menu in moz have a back item (why not?).

  Over nothing: back is first.
  Over an image or link: back is third.
  Over nothing in a frame: back is third.
  Over an image or link in a frame: back is fifth.

I don't care what order the menu items are in, but I
strongly argue that for the most common items, the
order should never, ever change.
Just updated my build again. Looks like the back/etc functions have been removed
from images and links. That's disappointing.

Regarding frames, i'll let you guys debate that one :)

tor: 'because the spec says so' Bug 135331.

jwz: context menus have totally changed in the last couple of days. So
back/forward is no longer there over an image, or when text is selected. Thats
bug 135331. So in the single case it is there, it is consistant, I guess.
Just to clarify my last comment: There are reasons for the spec being that way.
I don't happen to agree with any of them, though, so I'm probably not the best
person to defend it....
So... this is either INVALID (because it's reported for 0.9.9 and has since been
"fixed" - for all cases where Back appears, the position is constant) or a dup
of 135331

I vote for INVALID, marking it.
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