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Steps to reproduce:

I believe that this s3 bucket is owned by mozilla , hence it does not have proper persmissions and allows any aws authenticated user to write on this bucket.

Actual results:

I tried to do a `mv` command on the s3 bucket through awscli and it got uploaded

Expected results:

It should have showed an Access denied response
I apparently can't modify this bug, but it's definitely in the wrong "Product." The "Web Apps" Product was for the effort to make web pages that could be installed natively. It's now basically defunct.

You'll definitely have better luck moving this to another Product. If there's a Web Ops or similar option, I'd go with something like that.

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Ohh Sorry it was all so confusing and a huge list came up. Thanks for guiding :)
Happy to help! And don't worry - it happens all the time. Picking the right Product on the first try is pretty much impossible :)

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Reported under "Infrastructure and Operations" I hope it helps
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