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Telemetry causes Places to do periodic main thread IO


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(Keywords: perf, Whiteboard: [reserve-photon-performance])

Caught this in the profiler:

Looks like we're stat-ing a file on the main thread.

There are a file other places in PlacesDBUtils.jsm where it looks like we're accessing the fileSize of various files. We should try to avoid those.
Flags: qe-verify?
Priority: -- → P2
This is _probably_ only on idle-daily, which I guess is the least-bad place to do this... ni'ing myself to make sure that's the case.
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we collect telemetry on the gather-telemetry topic, that is currently fired on idle-daily, but that will change with bug 1127907.
Most of the PlacesDBUtils code is old and ugly, it should be rewritten with modern async/await, Sqlite.jsm and OS.File.
As per comment 2 (and bug 1127907 comment 4).
Flags: needinfo?(mconley)
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Priority: P3 → P4
Keywords: perf
I fixed this in a recent refactoring using OS.File.
Closed: 6 years ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME
For reference, that recent refactoring appears to have taken place in bug 1346554.
Performance Impact: --- → -
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