Anonymous structs collide across compilation units




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2 years ago
eg if you have

struct {
  int x;
} EXES[] = { { 3 }, { 4 } };

gcc will fabricate a type named something like "._215". If one of these contains a GC pointer, and then in a different translation unit you hold a different anonymous struct with the same name across a GC, you get a baffling false positive.

Comment 1

2 years ago
For the record, this was discovered in the attempted landing of the no-bug changesets mentioned in bug 1359980 comment 6 -- changesets which did nothing other than minimize #include dependencies, ergo reduce compile time, by adding one or two forward-declarations and #include-ing less comprehensive headers.  I landed in advance of this fix by renaming the type that served the function |EXES| serves in the example in comment 0 -- anyone else who hits this for now can act similarly as a hackaround.
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