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"A suitable reviewer has not given a Ship It!" due to bmo/ldap mismatch


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says: A suitable reviewer has not given a "Ship It!"
although :mayhemer (Honza Bambas), who is a Necko peer according to
has given his r+
unfortunately the module system has no way for automation to consume, so we rely on a user's scm level to determine if they can grant landing approval.  fixing this is on our radar, but it's unlikely to happen in the short term as it's more than just moving from a freeform wiki page to a database.

also unfortunately there isn't an authoritative source which maps someone's BMO account to their LDAP account.  IT have been working on an identity management system built off mozillians, and it's our hope that one day BMO will be added into that system to provide this linkage.

so mozreview tries to determine a user's ldap account through a few different mechanisms, and sometimes it gets it wrong.
that's what has happened in honza's case - mozreview is looking for him in ldap using his @mozilla address instead of his @firemni one, so it doesn't detect that he has scm level 3.

honza - can you please follow these steps to manually link your BMO and LDAP accounts:

once that happens your reviews will include blessings for landing.
Summary: ReviewBoard lies: "A suitable reviewer has not given a Ship It!" → "A suitable reviewer has not given a Ship It!" due to bmo/ldap mismatch
sorry; forgot to NI honza.
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I believe I've done so a long ago already.  But I just generated a new API key and made the association once again:

associating LDAP account <my bz addr> with Bugzilla account <my bz addr>
LDAP account successfully associated!
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And BTW, r+ on br and autoland used to work in the past, I think.
thanks honza; sorry about the hassle.

everything looks good now, closing.
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