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Users surpassing a rate limit will be redirected to a page explaining they have been rate limited. Write copy for this that explains why user has been rate limited and alternatives for for bulk/research queries of bmo data.
:mcote, what's the URL of the form to request the research sample of bugs?
There's no form; just file a bug under bugzilla.mozilla.org :: Administration with the summary roughly of the form "Provide access to the BMO researcher dump to <person>".
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Btw it was a decision a while ago to not widely advertise the research dump.  It should be for valid research purposes at an accredited institution only.  At least, that was the decision at the time.
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Copy for Rate Limited Page

Overall I approve of delivering a notice of this kind, but on the basis of my last comment I'm giving an f- to this version.  We can talk about it more during our next meeting if desired.
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I don't want this to block implementing the rate limit, as this is clear and present problem that needs to be resolved quickly -- a simple "rate limit exceeded" message is all that we'll do in bug 1355169.
No longer blocks: 1355169
See Also: → bug 1355169
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Updated copy for rate limited page

Updated the copy, if there's time add the redirect to a new page.cgi that would be awesome.
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