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linux64-qr debug R-e10s(R8,Ru8) permafail in editor/reftests/672709-ref.html, editor/reftests/338427-1.html


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These tests started permafailing with a recent merge from m-c to graphics. The failure doesn't happen on m-c itself, so it's some interaction between stuff on m-c and stuff on graphics. I'm gonna try bisecting to see where it's coming from.
It's hard to see how that could be possible. Bug 1360001 should have any noticeable behaviour impact.
Yeah I'm not sure. I'm noticing this failure on m-c now as well, even though the graphics branch hasn't been merged to m-c. So that seems to indicate that it's just an intermittent failure that started on m-c but happens more frequently when combined with gfx. I'll finish bisecting the m-c regression.

bisection at [1] narrows range to [2].

Shoot. Looks like the bisection produced an incorrect result, it's happening on autoland even before bug 1359952 landed. Not sure where to go from here :(

FWIW bug 1361820 is being used for the intermittent failures on m-c.
No longer blocks: 1359952
See Also: → 1361820
I took a closer look at the failures. It's almost certainly being caused by bug 1354641. The spellchecking code is taking too long, causing the reftest to time out. And then it leaves WR in a bad state causing the next test (338427-1.html) to also fail. I'm going to skip the bad test to get our R8 job green again, and then try to get the QR reftests running on autoland and inbound as well to catch these regressions sooner rather than wasting time bisecting afterwards.

Try push with the test skipped:
Blocks: 1354641
No longer blocks: 1360001
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Bug 1362424 - Skip a spellchecking reftest that is now permafailing on QuantumRender builds.
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Skip a spellchecking reftest that is now permafailing on QuantumRender builds. r=jrmuizel
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This can be re-enabled now, FWIW.  Bug 1354641 was backed out.
Looks like it was accidentally re-enabled already in by an unrelated stylo change. So nothing to do here.
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