Failure in create-test-environment: rbweb failing to install npm



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I attempted again to get the testing environment set up for bzexport (see also: bug 1199037). With some convincing, it made it quite a ways, but ended up saying

rbweb> Error unpacking rpm package npm-1.3.6-5.el6.noarch
Created attachment 8866021 [details]
Log file from create-test-environment
Created attachment 8866022 [details] [diff] [review]
Changes I made to get this far
The latter changes were because (1) coverage failed to install, complaining about its hash; and (2) I got an error about there being no such version for mercurial 4.0.2.
It looks like the setup made it far enough that running the bzexport tests works, which is all I cared about. \o/
When it downloads coverage, what's the filename?

I wonder if you are running a 32-bit Python by chance...
There are patches in bug 1363509 to add *optional* docker support to the new hgdev environment. That should be enough to unblock you on running bzexport tests.
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