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2 years ago
>> Mozilla Team/Department
MoFo Insights
>> What kind of relationships are you looking to develop?
Contributors to the Internet Health Report
>> How will you nurture these relationships?
Opportunities to contribute, like this opportunity to invite people to contribute ideas/feedback on indicators we should include in the next Internet Health Report
>> How will success be measured?
# indicators generated for inclusion in the 2018 Internet Health Report (target: 15)
# unique participants (eg. 1 participant could vote on 10 different indicators, but would only be counted once toward this target) (target: 300)

>> What is the risk to not doing this?
Internet Health Report won't be an open source project
>> What's the timeline for launch?
Ideally, next week (week of 05/15)
>> Any other info we should know?
Here is the project plan:

We'd like to send an email about this opportunity to all the folks who signed up via the Internet Health Report site

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2 years ago
Thanks, Sam!

I just invited you to our weekly LCM intake mtg on Monday, 9am PT in Michele Warther's room. Please come and we'll chat more there about next steps.

QQ: is this initiative English only?

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2 years ago
Great, thanks Jess! 

The crowsourcing initiative is in English only, although submissions in other languages are welcome. The IH Report itself is multi-lingual, so we're also curious about sending emails in multiple languages for future reference!

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2 years ago
Email RASCI-planning template is here: (please save off as a copy, don't edit & save the original of course :-) )

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2 years ago
Thanks Will! I'll fill out and post the link here.

Links from me:
Draft site -
Draft email copy -
Draft blog post -

Also, plan is to launch THurs May 18 and close the crowd-sourcing process on June 9.

Thanks everyone!

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2 years ago
Here's the completed template, Will! Please let me know what else you need.

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2 years ago
Thanks, Sam!

Here's the downlow on the new templates & designing your email:

Let us know if you have any questions about it (some of the slides are currently being updated).

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2 years ago
Thanks Jessilyn! A couple questions about next steps with this - did you say we might be able to use a template that already exists? How do I get rolling on design for that (if it's even needed)? Or do I just share the deck with our designer, and we go from there?

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2 years ago
Hey Sam,

Check out that doc. 

* You'll use our standard template
* Slide 2 has examples of emails using the standard template to make your design off of
* we'll need a wordmark (if different than "Mozilla" for the top of the email) - if new, no wider than 160px, height between 45-60px 

If you just want a simple email + Mozilla wordmark, then no design is needed.

If you want to do any special design (ie use images or a different layout from the content blocks/email examples you see there), then share that doc with your designer to make the design.

Does this help?

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2 years ago
Hey Jess! I did look at the doc, but the next steps weren't totally clear - sorry! Your note cleared up my confusion though, - using the standard Foundation template is fine with us and having "Mozilla" and the top of the email works as well. So, I don't think we need custom design. Does that work for you? Thanks!

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2 years ago
all good! and noted on the steps not being clear - my apologies!

Reg email text using "Mozilla" wordmark = perfect.

We'll keep you posted on next steps. Thanks!

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2 years ago
Hey Sam!

Will's going to help you get the rest of the comments resolved in the template. Once the doc is finalized, Anthony is going to be helping you get the send out the door.

Holler if you have questions.

Assignee: nobody → awade

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2 years ago
Great, thanks so much Jess and everyone! Nice to meet you Anthony - please let me know if you need anything else. Solana (now CC'd on the bug and also at will be our point-person for proofing and sending. I'll still have an eye out, but either one of us can approve from our side. Thanks!


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2 years ago
Email sent on 5/22
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