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Close button does not stick at the bottom of the menu page in three.js demo


(Core :: General, defect)




Tracking Status
firefox53 --- affected
firefox54 --- affected
firefox55 --- affected


(Reporter: bogdan.maris, Unassigned)


(Keywords: testcase-wanted)

[Affected versions]:
- Windows 7 64bit
- Windows 10 32bit
- Ubuntu 16.04 64bit
- Mac OS X 10.11.5

[Affected platforms]:
- Firefox 53.0.2
- Firefox 54.0b7
- latest Nightly 55.0a1

[Steps to reproduce]:
1. Open
2. Open all the dropdowns from upper right (Clip 'Action', Clip 'facialExpressions' etc)
3. Scroll through the menu from right

[Expected result]:
- Close Controls button stays at the bottom of the page.

[Actual result]:
- Close Controls moves up the menu when scrolled.

[Regression range]:
- This is not a recent regression. I used mozregression and found a range:
16:05.75 INFO: Last good revision: 37516445a0b5 (2014-01-10)
16:05.76 INFO: First bad revision: e89afc241513 (2014-01-11)
16:05.76 INFO: Pushlog:
- Note that I considered GOOD build one that did not display anything.

[Additional notes]:
- I attached a screencast for this issue.
- I am not sure if this is the right component for this, please change it if necessary.
At first glance, this appears to be the correct rendering for the given markup
and styles.  The "Close Controls" element is abs.pos. with 'auto' top/left
so it will be placed after the previous element, which is an <ul style="height:780px">
or some such.  It appears that the 'height' there is set by JS; you can see this
by opening devtools Inspector and then dragging the splitter between the devtools
and content so that its height is resized - the attribute is updated when you do
this.  So, it seems the JS calculating this height value is wrong in some way.

I don't see any relevant Layout/CSS/DOM changes in the indicated pushlog though.
A smaller testcase would be nice...
Component: Layout: HTML Frames → General
Keywords: testcase-wanted
Severity: normal → S3
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