Unnecessary requests re-sent for a cached image with only the hash at the end of the URL changed




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SVG file for testcase

Tested in latest Nightly on Linux 32-bit, in the devtools network monitor I'm seeing the same URL request being re-sent when javascript is used only to change the part of an SVG image address after the # (it's a sprite sheet of a dozen images with <view>s of each.

1. Open the attached testcase and devtools network monitor.
2. Choose a version of the image by host (please don't hammer imgh.us)
3. Click the image to see the next sprite
4. Check the network requests.

Actual behaviour: Each time the image is clicked the same URL is re-requested over the internet.

Expected behaviour: There should be a check done when the img .src attribute is set and no part before the # has changed, to prevent an unneeded round trip to a server. Chromium does this check and the image changes instantly in response to clicks.

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2 years ago
Created attachment 8867516 [details]
img src testcase

Note the #dc01 at the end of the img src URL ascends to #dc02 etc. for the next sprite up to #dc12 and cycles back to the beginning.
Component: Networking: Cache → DOM
I am 95% positive that we have tests that depend on the fragment behavior not hitting in the image cache.
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2 years ago
Daniel, do I remember correctly that this is a known issue with SVG images?  I remember running into a similar issue when working on tab audio indicators where we also use SVG images with URLs with hashes at the end where we refetch the image similarly...  I can't find the bug# right now.
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2 years ago
Preserving a comment here from bug 1347376 comment 9

> it occurs to me the best way to make LoadImage() faster is not to call it at all.
Last Resolved: 2 years ago
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Duplicate of bug: 1121693
tnikkel found the correct dupe-target -- thanks!

(Per bug 1121693 comment 8, this isn't SVG-specific -- it happens for whatever.jpg#dc01, whatever.jpg#dc02, etc. too -- though it's more likely that someone would want to use a #ref with a SVG image.)
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2 years ago
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SVG file for testcase #2

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Caption file for testcase #2

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OGA file for testcase #2

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MP3 file for testcase #2

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2 years ago
Created attachment 8882944 [details]
testcase #2

Shows how crucial having no delay from a "load" cycle is.


8 days ago
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Duplicate of bug: 1027106
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