All day calendar events - bug on Today Pane (timezone related bug?)



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Lightning 4.7.8



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Steps to reproduce:

Thunderbird 45.8.0
Lightning  4.7.8

I am subscribing "Google Holidays in United States" calendar, and others. They are "read only" calendars.

That calendar is showing the "all day" event "Mother's Day" and is set with America/Chicago time zone. My timezone is set for Brazil/Sao Paulo.

Actual results:

Everything is ok at the calendar main tab, but not at "Today Pane" tab. Seems it is not capable to correctly handle the timezone, and such "Mother's Day" is showing as an event spreading over two days.

Look attached images.

Expected results:

It has to show Mother's Day spreading over one single day on Today Pane.

Remark: Timezone is an ending-less source of problems. Is something calendars should not have!


11 days ago
Component: Toolbars and Tabs → General
Product: Thunderbird → Calendar
Version: 45 Branch → Lightning 4.7.8

Comment 1

6 days ago
From the screenshot it seems there is inconsistency in the way Lightning displays the event, but the event seems flawed too because an all-day event shouldn't have a timezone, it should be floating (otherwise it would be all-day only in that timezone and two days in all the others).

Could you export, and attach here, the event in .ics format from Google Calendar and then from Lightning?
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Comment 2

6 days ago
Created attachment 8869624 [details]
As requested - Google Holidays in United States (exported from Lightning and google)
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Comment 3

6 days ago
The requested .ics calendars were uploaded.

I had a look on some google calendars for holidays.
There are "all day" events with timezone set and others without. 
Seems the calendar creators are not following any specific rule regarding timezone for all day events.
How are you subscribed to the calendar? Is this using the ics feed, the Provider for Google Calendar, or CalDAV?
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Comment 5

5 days ago
I am subscribing google calendars using the "Provider for Google Calendar 3.3". (Thanks for making it!).
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