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Conduct A/B study on HSTS priming


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Collect data on HSTS priming vs no HSTS priming in the wild, including the following:
* Gather better data on how many requests are mixed-content and HSTS priming
* Comparative metrics - do HSTS priming-enabled users see more HSTS upgrades?
* Evaluate the impact of HSTS priming on load times
* Gather data on HSTS upgrades by source (preload, natural, HSTS priming)

This bug is to create an addon to divide users into up to three groups, a group where the HSTS priming preferences remain off (control), a group where HSTS priming preferences are flipped on, and optionally a group where the pref to send HSTS priming requests is off and the pref to swap HSTS and mixed-content blocking is on. The third group would help to understand the impact of the HSTS priming request itself.

We should be able to use a Shield study to control the addon[1]. This would give us an easy way to roll out the study to a small number of Release users, as well as neatly gathering the resulting telemetry for analysis.

This study is targeted for 55 Beta.

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Priority: -- → P1
Whiteboard: [domsecurity-active]
It has been determined that the work is more than needed for this.
Closed: 3 years ago
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